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Rich agro-ecological conditions

  • High to moderate rainfall that averages 1,360 mm annually reaching a maximum of 2,500 mm
  • Mild temperatures that range between 16 – 23 ºC
  • Fertile soils make county suitable for variety of crops including tea, coffee, horticultural produce and livestock rearing

 Significant energy potential

  • Abundant water resources with 11 permanent rivers flowing through region, suitable for hydropower generation
  • High solar irradiation with a potential maximum of 1.356 kW/M2 due to location along the Equator
  • Availability of strong winds due to location in highland corridor

 Good infrastructure

  • Extensive 3,640 km road network consisting of 350 km of paved roads and 500 km of gravel roads
  • Electricity grid network that connects major commercial centers
  • Growing presence of financial and ICT infrastructure – Meru town has 24 commercial banks
  • Proximity to the newly built Isiolo Airport and LAPPSET infrastructure corridor

 Open business environment

  • Formation of Meru County Investment and Development Corporation (MIDC) which works to ease entry of investors into county
  • Provision of incentives to encourage investment including smooth land acquisition process, accelerated approvals

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